Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dita Von Teese - The Queen of Burlesque performs in Bangkok

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ginger Rockwood with the Red Hot Heathens at Iggy's 6/22/14--"Ignition R...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Agent Lynch - I Feel Love (burlesque hologram)

Agent Lynch has an exquisitely sensous 60s British secret agent style. This is a bit different from some of her shows, likely because she's making use of the hologram abilities.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest Blogger and Naughty Hottie Dawn Ius reviews Burlesque!

My friend Brian Bingaman, a musician and journalist with a respect for the work of burlesque performers, asked why I had not posted a review of the movie Burlesque. Since I go to the movies about twice a year, I hadn't seen it. So I posted an open call to anyone, even more than one, to be a guest blogger and provide a review. Three volunteered. One served up the goods. So even though the movie is no longer news, I had to share this lady with you. She is a writer who has undertaken burlesque for the same reason I have, and I highly recommend her fabulous blogs titled Through The Looking Glass and 50 or Bust in 2011.

Strutting into Body By Burlesque, all the way from Alberta, Canada, please welcome Dawn Ius!  Take it off, I mean, take it away, Dawn.


Just saying the word out loud makes my heart race. I love the way my tongue curls around the L and conjures immediate atmosphere. The glitter of the costumes, the smokiness of the air ripe with lusty lyrics and sensual movement.

Infected by music when just a toddler, I’ve always wanted to dance. But even then, I cursed my two left feet. Instead of dance, I joined soccer, baseball – the kinds of sports my Dad wanted his “tomboy” to play.

The desire to “move” never went away. To compensate for my lack of ability, I’ve become obsessed with dance movies. Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Strictly Ballroom. I’ve watched – and own – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

It should be no surprise then, that I held high hopes for Burlesque.

Burlesque is a little like Coyote Ugly – in fact, the story lines are quite similar. Small-town girl leaves behind dead-end job in search of fame and fortune in the big city, meets older mentor who dishes out a healthy dose of tough love, girl becomes a huge star and ends up with the hot – damn hot – guy at the end. There’s killer singing, killer dancing, and all of the cliché’d drama you might expect.
Yeah, I loved it.

I think Christina Aguilera has one of the most powerful voices in the industry, but I worried whether she could pull off the acting (yes!) I wondered if Cher would still amaze me, or if that deep, man-like voice that’s made her famous would annoy me by the end of the show (it kind of did.)

Aguilera might not win an Oscar, but her character was sympathetic and believable. I was absolutely mesmerized by the singing, the dancing.

And Cam.

I confess to falling in lust with Cam Gigandet in Twilight. No one told me he appeared in Burlesque.

In addition to falling in love with Cam all over again – hey, with all that girl action, I was happy for some genuine eye candy – Burlesque made me miss the dance classes I started last season (on a dare.) Not just the Naughty Hotties class, where I almost felt sexy, but everything about the way dancing makes me feel.

Burlesque has an inspirational quality about it. The kind of movie that makes you think you can do anything – even dance. So starting next week, that’s what I’m doing. I’ve registered for four classes at J’Adore Dance in Edmonton, Alberta, including Naughty Hotties. (gulp)

And when I close my eyes to avoid looking at my awkward self in the mirror, I’ll imagine I’m on stage in a glittery Burlesque costume, strutting my stuff in a smoky underground club while a mesmerized Cam Giganet watches on.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blast Off Burlesque Stimulus Package featuring Barbalicious!

You could talk of so many qualities that set Blast Off Burlesque T & A above the other burlesque groups. Sure, they are all delightful to look at, so throw into the mix wildly imaginative themes, scripts, humor, fantasy, choreography, great costumes - oh, I could go on. Let's just be entertained by the beautiful Barbilicious. I'm hoping she'll be a guest here soon.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who Would Like To Be A Guest Blogger?

My pal Brian Bingaman, noted journalist and musician, expressed disappointment that there had been no review or even a mere pastie sized mention of the movie "Burlesque" starring Cher and Cristina Aquilera.

Here's a revelation that some find disturbing - I rarely go to the movies. Maybe once or twice a year. So I haven't seen it. Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to be a guest blogger here on Body By Burlesque and give a review? Maybe even 2 or 3 brief ones, a comment, paragraph, or even the reason you have not seen it. I'm game, and looking forward to what you have to offer.