Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mon Cherie's Rockabilly Lounge At The Masquerade for Autism Awareness Benefit This Friday.

Maybe you think that burlesque girls are 'all about me,' but think again. Folks around Atlanta, Georgia are cruising into The Masquerade this Friday, May 21st, when Mon Cherie's Rockabilly Lounge holds a benefit for Autism Awareness. These burlesque queens and rockabilly musicians may appear as unlikely angels to some, but spin again, baby – they truly have hearts of gold. Mon Cherie's plan is to raise enough dough to send the students on Ms. Thomas' class for autistic children with special needs to Autism Summer Camps where they can enjoy themselves and get quality time with counselors focused on their specific challenges.

What can you expect? You'll get Rod Hamdallah (formerly of Rod & The Rusty Rebels) rockin' the stage and steamy performances by Big City Burlesque! Body By Burlesque got a sneak peek at the tentative line-up for the burlesque!
King Rouge & Lilly Anne in " Big Coty Tease "
Tiffany Minx in " Old Fashioned Girl "
Johnny Drape & Dahlia Danger in " Flesh Cafe "
( guest spot Renea La roux )
Cha Cha Soliegh sings " Love Potion # 9 "

What can you win at the Rockabilly Raffle? Prizes include items from Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lux deVille Handbags, Sacred Heart Tattoos, Lucky Starr Vintage Clothing, Loysville, Derek Jackson Pin-Up Photo Shoot, Throne Jewelry, Las Margaritas Latin Restaurant, Masquerade concert tix, Hollyweird Tattooz, and much much more.

FREE JELLO SHOTS!  The Masquerade is located at 695 North Avenue, NE, Atlanta. Doors @ 9PM – Cover $10 - Ages 18+ Welcome.  Live broadcast Garage71 Radio (

More about Ms. Thomas: Her class is a special needs class for Autistic Children. The school added an additional student who not only has autism - but other issues as well. This student has a violent tendency and has been harming the other children. Recently, he tore apart the classroom and attacked the teacher, putting her in the hospital. Autism is a specific disorder and the children are special and sweet in nature. The children witnessed the incident and it appears that it was just too much for them to handle. Many are currently traumatized by this and have been having nightmares and other coping issues. Ms Thomas is writing a book, “Leaving Autism Road” about her experience in dealing with Autism and will be reading excerpts during the night.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Gotta Have A Gimmick - from "Gypsy"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vagina Jenkins performs New Orleans Burlesque Fest 2009

Do you consider yourself a Friendly Fluffer, Vaginal Support, or a full-fledged, card carrying member of Team Va Jay Jay?

Show of hands, folks, can you remember a time when we needed some good, clean, old-fashioned, entertainment to shake off the blues as badly as we need it now?  Hope doesn't float, people, it shimmies and shakes, teases and twirls, and then breaks it down into love you can feel deep inside.

We can only be speaking of that Southern goddess, known as The Queen of Queer Burlesque, the incomparable Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins! And she's ready to take her intoxicatingly luscious self and her show on the road so she can strip away the gloom wrought by economic setbacks, peel away your blues, and let her expertly swinging tassels brush away the sadness. She has a style as unique as her name, and this makes her sensuous charm all the more seductive.

But she needs our help. Specifically, she needs an RV and she needs some mo' Benjamins. Seductively batting her eyelashes, she describes the special gifts she has for all who support the cause of the Vagina Jenkins Roadshow. 
"As a burlesque performer, my mission is to reclaim visual and erotic space for all the marginalized communities I represent" she says. "Which is an overly academic way of saying that as queer woman of size and color I want to be a huge, big , bright, feathered beacon of awesome-ness."

Girl, you are, you are!

"Sure, I'm also an attention whore, but I also believe strongly that every woman deserves to take up space and be beautiful on her own terms, defying, queering and otherwise redefining what it means to be femme in the world.

"So I'm trying to get the word out there. But in order to take up visual space and show the people far and wide what I'm all about and what SEXY freed from class/gender/orientation/race boundaries looks like--- I'm gonna have to get out there."

So Body By Burlesque is providing the link for everyone to pledge at whatever level they can - from the Buck Tuck to Patron of the Vagina and higher. I asked this exquisite lady if she had any advice to help us through 2010 and beyond. She did.

"Eat more, fuck often, and buy those heels no matter how uncomfortable. If youre wearin' em right u wont hafta walk very far anyway!"

BBB couldn't have said it better.