Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mary Ann Moan- Ruth Brown's If I Can't Sell It, I'll Sit On It

Mary Ann Moan knows the subtleties of detached teasing and come hither playfulness. Perfect for this great Ruth Brown song.


Diva said...

Hey, this is my other less known, at least to my family, site. I LOVE this page!


The Bipolar Diva

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

I've been out blog hopping and met some verrry interesting people. Thank Goddess I didn't strop before I met The Bipolar Diva and One Crazy Brunette Chick. Taking a cue from OCBC - the self proclaimed trashy mouthed trophy wife - I've got a new rule here. If you exhibitionist heifers want me to keep pumping your burlesque gigs, you need to send me some followers, and followers that comment, and click on these ads because JP is no closer to a paying job than she was 5 years ago. Can I get some help!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

well I gotta say, this is the most interesting site I have seen thus far.
If only I had the body for it. lol
~Naila Moon

Kristin @ Domestically Disabled said...

new follower! Fantastic site!

Dorn said...

I promise you I'm following you for all the wrong reasons.

My wife and I went to a burlesque show one of our friends was emceeing and had a blast. Ms. Moan was as much fun as I remembered it was.

Treacle said...

Hi! I'd love to guest post for you. How would a piece on why burlesque shows make a great date work out? Thanks. :)