Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who Would Like To Be A Guest Blogger?

My pal Brian Bingaman, noted journalist and musician, expressed disappointment that there had been no review or even a mere pastie sized mention of the movie "Burlesque" starring Cher and Cristina Aquilera.

Here's a revelation that some find disturbing - I rarely go to the movies. Maybe once or twice a year. So I haven't seen it. Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to be a guest blogger here on Body By Burlesque and give a review? Maybe even 2 or 3 brief ones, a comment, paragraph, or even the reason you have not seen it. I'm game, and looking forward to what you have to offer.


mike draper said...

Sure, I'd volunteer to be a guest blogger.
Mike Draper

Cady McClain said...

I'd love to guest blog! I have NOT seen the movie, but its because I am so afraid it will be cheesy and disappointing. I LOVE the sexiness of burlesque and the movie looks more like "Cabaret" using some Burlesque moves and famous singers than what I like.

I like Burlesque because it is mostly about real women feeling sexy, and doing an act that reveals them to us as incredibly mysterious and fantastic, when they might be just regular people in their "real" life.

Then there are some real Burlesque stars, who are so talented physically that us "real" ladies just have to stand back and give props. I just don't think of Chirstina Aguilara or Cher in this category. I think of them as very talented singers and entertainers.

Maybe I am wrong and should give them movie a chance, but the real Burlesque I want to see is much more rebellious and rock and roll and less "Crazy Horse Strip Club".

Love your site, BTW!

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

Cady and Mike, you are both ON! Send your review to me at perrythewriter @ gmail - Looking forward to it and thank you both!

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

Actually Cady, we seem to have similar opinions about the subject.

JP - Body By Burlesque said...

Cady, i don't know how to contact you. Please send your Guest Blogger Review of Burlesque the movie to me at perrythewriter@gmail

Dawn said...

I would love to guest blog about this movie if it isn't too late. If you check out my blog, I have been taking a Naughty Hotties class at a local studio. My "dance journey" is chronicled at The best of the posts are listed on the sidebar. Glad to have found your blog!